Personal statement on the conflict in ZEGG

Achim Ecker 24.10.2021

In the development of our community I see us at a crucial point. The present waves of conflict have only superficially to do with the Go&Change community, the Summercamp and Emil Friis; in my perception they reflect the struggle for our values and task as a community. On the occasion of a management decision to terminate cooperation with Go&Change, I would like to share my perspective on how I perceive the conflict, how it arose, and how it affects my life and heart.

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Building a New Culture

Interim report by Christa Leila Dregger after 30 years of ZEGG, based on current events in ZEGG and the integral scene

In the Zentrum für experimentelle Gesellschaftsgestaltung, the “centre for experimental society design”, ZEGG, which celebrated 30 years existence this year, there are currently heated discussions. The topic is the cooperation with the community Go & Change, and the participation of the integral book author Emil Friis at summer camp. The irreconcilable way in which the conflict is being carried out and other networks are being instrumentalized for it, reflects in my eyes the status of a decade-long effort to build a culture of peace - and the ever-persistent resistance. I would like to add my point of view, a historical perspective from 38 years of experience of community and defamation.

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